Full automated online Fileservice

You can deactivate DPF, EGR, adBlue, DTC's (Faultcodes), Immobilizer and more...


FileService24.com, is an Online FileService für Chiptuner / Workshops. You can deavtivate the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), the Exhaust Gas Recirculation
(EGR), the AdBlue system (SCR), der Throttle Valve, the Swirl Valve, the Lambda / Catalyst, the Speed-Limiter, the Immobilizer and especially you can deactive
Fault Codes in the engine ecu management. All this functions you can do it by your self 24h on day on our site!
Watch the video and see how easy it is!

Pops & Bangs for MED9 (switchable) and for BMW MEVD17 (only on Sport mode) and Tuning for VAG EDC17CP04/14 and EDC17C46 is available ONLINE !


Fileservice Order

In addition to the automated online file service, we offer of course the standard tuning file service for tuning files. Tuning files for Stage1, Stage2, Stage3, DSG optimization, overrun fuel cut (on AC button or just on sport). Files, that can not be processed via the online service must also be processed
via the normal file service. The performance data for the Stage 1 Files you can see here: ISM-Performance.de/Chiptuning-Konfigurator

Process Online-File-Service

You have to choose which brand and engine control unit is to process and upload the original file. After the upload the file will be checked first. After the check
has been successfully completed, you will get a list of the actions that are possible or not possible for this file. Choose the action you want to be done and press 'Process'. Now the file has been edited as you want and you will see the price for this action. You will see a window where you can type something. Here you can
type in DTC's (Faultcodes) and let remove them. This is completely independent of the processes that are listed. You can type in DTC's without to process an
other action. Just type in error codes and press 'Process'. When you have finished the actions for this file, press 'Complete'. You will be forwarded to Paypal and
after the payment you can download the processed file. SO EASY !! :-)

How safe is the service?

In order to rule out an error of the online service, we have programmed various test procedures. If you e.g. select the wrong engine control unit and upload the
file you will get an error. If everything is OK during the test, the actions for this file will be checked in advance and will be listed only if its work 100%.